Did we just get leaked features for Google Pixel 3?

Last week was a big one for Google, but not for the reasons you might think (or the reasons they’d want). Alleged leaks in Ukraine and Russia might have just given us an official look at not only the unboxing of the Google Pixel 3, but some of its key features too.

Supposedly we’ll be receiving a lot more information about the phone come October 9th, but if even half the leaked information from this video uploaded by MySmartPrice turns out to be true we already have a pretty good idea of what we’re in for with the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL:

As expected, the Pixel 3 will feature a ton of your standard apps: calendars, browsers, mail, files, maps, and the like. With two upward swipes, you’ll have access to your full catalog making for quick accessibility. Drop the app on your home screen and you’ll be presented with options for how you’d like to open it. Downward swipe to access and manage your text messages, emails, as well as basic functions like battery power, Bluetooth, and flashlight. As before users can squeeze the sides of the Pixel to launch Google Assistant.

Familiar apps screen

It’s nothing groundbreaking, but further on in the video we start seeing some newer innovations: Take a picture of an email on a business card and it opens up a draft of an email to them. This would be pretty for storing new contacts and just for a more simplified approach to managing business connections. Not bad, Google.

Draft emails based on recognized names

Another neat new feature is the phone’s ability to recognize the name of a restaurant out of context – hold down the name and on option pops up to make a reservation there. You can also long-hold the power button to screenshots, which would have been handy with the Pixel 2.

Reserve restaurants easily

Based on this video, however, it seems we’re seeing very few big improvements or any markedly new ideas. Google does seem to be keeping up with the competition, and is focusing more on streamlining our commonly-used functions. At least that means they’re paying attention to both the consumer and the competition.

Speaking of the competition, the unboxing video shared last week shows it’s got a lot more gadgetry included per order than Apple does with their new iPhone XS:

We may be seeing the rumored ‘pixel stand,’ which is the Pixel’s wireless charger. If we are really getting a wireless charger we admit that’d be pretty cool. According to MySmartPrice, the pixel stand will also turn your Pixel 3 into a smart display with fully integrated shortcuts for your music apps, Google Assistant, and notifications.

Wireless charger?

Other rumors include forward-facing speakers, two front-facing cameras, and … a set of earbuds included with every box (was that so hard, Apple??)!

Unboxing of Google Pixel 3

Does all this sound suspicious to you?

It does to us.

Whether what we’re seeing is leaked footage from a planned commercial, a counterfeit phone, or some random accident altogether is still unclear. As such, everything we think we know will likely remain conjecture until next week.

Think this information is legit? Let us know in the comments below. In the meantime, we’ve got our sights set for October 9.

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