Driver: San Francisco

Driver: San Francisco Preview

Tanner's back, with supernatural powers!

Driver: San Francisco aims to bring a once loved franchise back from the brink of extinction.

In 1999, Driver was a revelation, with its open world driving and joyful over the top seventies car chase handling. Unfortunately, later games didn't live up to the promise of the original, and the last entry was a dismal Grand Theft Auto wannabe.

Everything we've seen of Driver: San Francisco so far makes it look like the Driver game we've always wanted to play. The fun handling is back, it looks really stylish, and San Fransisco is the most iconic place in the world for car chases!

But the biggest news about Driver: San Francisco is the unusual gameplay idea. Hero Tanner starts the game in a terrible accident, after which he can jump in and out of the bodies of any other driver in the city! He either has supernatural powers or is dreaming in a coma, but either way, this allows for some really original gameplay. You will be able to jump out of your body, zoom out, pick another car then jump right into the body of its driver. It sounds crazy, but it looks really cool.

Driver: San Francisco is a really promising racing game for fall 2011.

Driver: San Francisco


Driver: San Francisco Preview

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  • by Anonymous

    good game its graphics are best hope there will be more realistic graphics
    Cons: graphics cars.   More