Resco IDGuard

Resco IDGuard 2.04

Protect your personal data securely


  • Save data in Word, Excel, PDF or image format
  • Powerful encryption
  • Data templates


  • You'll still need to remember the main password

Very good

These days we all have lots of secret information such as usernames and passwords that we need to remember. This can be difficult though, and is made more tricky by the fact that you shouldn't write any of this information down in case it falls into the wrong hands.

Don't worry too much though because there are applications, such as Resco IDGuard that allow you to save confidential information and documents securely on your PDA. The application provides a complete environment for recording, classifying and protecting your information.

Unlike most other programs in this style, Resco IDGuard can safely store PIN numbers, bank account information or credit card details as a Word document, Excel sheet, PDF or an image. You can list all the contents hierarchically, use templates for recording data, schedule alarms, save and retreive backups, and export records.

The encryption technology used is very secure so you can rest easy in the knowledge that no one can get their greasy mitts on your data.

Provided you can remember your master password, Resco IDGuard is a great way of keeping all your secret information close at hand at all times.

Resco IDGuard


Resco IDGuard 2.04

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